“Amanda is a fearless teacher who seems to know exactly when you need support and exactly when you need a push. Becoming a better improviser can be uncomfortable and Amanda has helped me make friends with that feeling instead of being crushed by it.”


I had done Improv for many years when I began taking Amanda Rountree’s classes. Under her expert tutelage I was able to take my Improv skills to the next level, which we all know equates to more work as an actor! If you want to take control of your professional development and want to expand your acting abilities, take any class this amazing teacher has!” – Jason Stackhouse

“I’ve taken two classes taught by Amanda Rountree, and if she’ll let me
take more, I will! I took my first improv class with Amanda, and I’m
so glad I started with her. I walked into that class terrified – I had
no acting experience and was rarely funny. She created an environment
where I felt encouraged and safe to be vulnerable (a rarity for me at
that time).

Whenever I had questions on how to do something, Amanda would always
give me a clear plan of attack and could always explain why I should
do it that way. Later on, I took an advanced class with her solely
because I knew that Amanda could provide me with a roadmap for how to
approach certain things in scenes.

I can also honestly say that her classes have changed my life outside
of improv – I’m more open, more comfortable with failure and less
stressed in social situations. Amanda’s great and you’re missing out
if you don’t take a class with her!”
– Sylvester Russell

“Being in a class with Amanda is never intimidating and always fun.  Because the class is based in non-judgment and inclusion on all levels, you feel safe and open to discovery.  Her honesty and openness are inspiring and it’s always a joy to be in a room with her.” – A.B.

“Amanda is wonderful at helping open my eyes to opportunities for really grounded, personal moments that enable me to grow as an artist and a person…a good person.” – Abigail J.