Judgement in Every Drop

So, anyone who's been reading my recent posts on this site knows that I've been sick this week.  Really sick.  I thought that I've had a really bad cold, but now that I'm starting to finally feel better, I'm ready to admit that I most likely had the flu.  Ugh.  It knocked me out.  I've … Continue reading Judgement in Every Drop

bad with names

Oh!  I know her. what's-her-name What's her name? starts with an 'S' no.... ...has an "s" sound in it Somewhere. What is her name? If she smiled more, she could be a Bridget. Oh, is she one-of-those ends-in-a-"y" people? I can't stand those people.  (except for the people I love whose names happen to end … Continue reading bad with names

Watercolor Art of Dessert Cake

Watercolor Art of Dessert Cake (or Future Top Search Items for My Blog) boobies.  big boobies and decorative floral art high ceilings with windows, over 4000 square feet, amazing beach front property. 50% off ways to combat anger, rude kittens, and politics recipes for disaster, pumpkin pie, and love make yourself happy and wealthy and … Continue reading Watercolor Art of Dessert Cake

In Search Of: Something Else Entirely

One of the most entertaining places on my website (for me anyway) is the little area where only I can go.  It's a whole page that lists how many "hits" my site has had, what pages folks were looking at, and notably, what search words they used to find it.  Typically, it's stuff like my … Continue reading In Search Of: Something Else Entirely

lower case preference math

trains > buses carrot juice > apple juice books > wireless reading devices jars > cans bridges > tunnels 4 > 5 hardwood > carpet fresh > smoked lighthouse > yurt seeing > looking scrabble > words with friends malachite > diamonds acrylic > watercolor comfy pants > pantyhose cornell's boxes > boxy architecture any … Continue reading lower case preference math

Vacation Day

wind chimes,  morning times and just enough sun, gentle almost-fall sun         so I did and didn't do things.   I did some things I shoulda and somethings I shouldn't uh but the only thing worth mentioning... ah... is over the sand, past the green, on the stones, near the waves, under the sky ah or, actually: … Continue reading Vacation Day