If you don’t read this, you won’t know what it says.

Something happened to the internet while we were all looking.  It has become increasingly desperate, and continues moving in that direction. No matter where you look on the internet, you see things that basically are saying, “Click here!” “Read this!” or “Watch me!”  Of course, we are typically clicking on something else, reading some other … Continue reading If you don’t read this, you won’t know what it says.

Burma in the Fall

I dreamt of Burma in the fall It sounds like a poem But it's not not yet It was beautiful though....sort of like Tennessee or Wisconsin in the Fall but way more exotic. Upon waking, I was glad that my subconscious did not call it Myanmar but wondered Can sleeping thoughts help the progress of … Continue reading Burma in the Fall

I just had to share

Apparently someone clicked on this site today because they searched (and I quote): weird to walk into a bar alone with a girl has a squishy thing Awesome. On a related note....  Ladies, please, for your own safety, ALWAYS bring your squishy thing with you when you are out on the town alone.  Yes, it's … Continue reading I just had to share


squishy can be good or bad depending on the context context is too hard a word when expounding around squishiness my softest apologies but squishy is mushy in all the right places muddy puddles, poofy coifs, messy sweaters, comfy cushions: all good squishy moldy flowers, soggy documents, month-old mushrooms, sweaty handshakes: all bad squishy expected … Continue reading squishy

I wonder if they ever found out the answer….

Ah, I love lookin' at the search word terms for my site.  Apparently, just recently, someone clicked on my site 'cause they searched the following: "monkey in dream is good or bad" In case they click over here again, I'll venture to help them. Well, Dear Reader, I'd say that depends.  Are you a performer … Continue reading I wonder if they ever found out the answer….

Did you read your label?

YOUR LIFE    Special Care Instructions The life you have is unique.  Because it is made of organic materials, natural variations in color may occur.   Any irregularities are not to be seen as defective.  Imperfections only increase your life's natural beauty and individuality.  Please handle with care.  Turn life inside out before assuming you know everything.  … Continue reading Did you read your label?