Oh, my goddess!  Look, everyone!  IT'S SPRING OUTSIDE!  Right now!  Right now, spring is happening!  Just yesterday, I was walking outside past a tree--you know, those big stick-things protruding from the ground with smaller sticks branching out from them to hold snow.  Well, guess what!!  Guess what I saw on the sticks!!  I saw SOME [...]


Winter: Out Of Order, Please Have a Different Season Instead

I would like to begin by stating that I enjoy nice weather.  I'm a huge fan.  And I certainly don't want to come off as a complainer about the recent situation.  After all, a person who's recovering from the flu has no business being outside when it's a typical January or February day in Chicago, [...]

I don’t think I’m getting enough respect in this relationship.

So if a Chicago winter is like being punched in the face, then a Chicago summer is like being pinched in the ass.  Just last night as I waited for the train, shivering in my winter hat and scarf, Chicago was definitely punching me in the face.  This Memorial Day, weather forecasters are predicting some [...]

28 is the new 50

Could it be? Could it be that my body is growing accustomed to the winters in Chicago? ...perhaps my soul will follow... Today, 28 degrees feels feels light, happy, un-oppressive What's the word? WARM Yes, 28 feels warm. Is this what love feels like?  Or have my priorities changed?  My standards gone?  Is this just [...]