Encounters with Wildlife

Today, I ran into a squirrel.  I literally ran into a squirrel.  Now, I realize that the word "literally" doesn't carry any weight anymore, since it no longer means what it used to mean.  So I shall say it this way:  I actually, really, truly, and matter-of-fact-ly ran into a squirrel.  I was running along … Continue reading Encounters with Wildlife

I just had to share

Apparently someone clicked on this site today because they searched (and I quote): weird to walk into a bar alone with a girl has a squishy thing Awesome. On a related note....  Ladies, please, for your own safety, ALWAYS bring your squishy thing with you when you are out on the town alone.  Yes, it's … Continue reading I just had to share

Winter: Out Of Order, Please Have a Different Season Instead

I would like to begin by stating that I enjoy nice weather.  I'm a huge fan.  And I certainly don't want to come off as a complainer about the recent situation.  After all, a person who's recovering from the flu has no business being outside when it's a typical January or February day in Chicago, … Continue reading Winter: Out Of Order, Please Have a Different Season Instead

In Search Of: Something Else Entirely

One of the most entertaining places on my website (for me anyway) is the little area where only I can go.  It's a whole page that lists how many "hits" my site has had, what pages folks were looking at, and notably, what search words they used to find it.  Typically, it's stuff like my … Continue reading In Search Of: Something Else Entirely

Ramblings from a stranger…

I suppose there's always a little adventure or a unique moment to be had.  But it seems we spend a good deal of time trying to avoid those spontaneous shake-em-ups.  I know I can certainly be guilty of the pleasegoawayIjustwannagohome-type ignoring of the world that's happening around me.  But I also feel that my relationship … Continue reading Ramblings from a stranger…

Please come to the opening and the closing!

What if They Held a Peace Rally and Nobody Came? is the delightful sketch show I’m directing as part of Joe Janes’ 365 Sketches Project.  WNEP is co-producing all 365 sketches–and it’s happening right now!  Pretty exciting stuff, if you ask me.  Please come check out any of the remaining 26 performances.  But of course … Continue reading Please come to the opening and the closing!