A great, big “THANK YOU!”

I've said this before, but it bears repeating:  One cannot do a solo show alone.  I had great help from the obvious suspects, of course, like my director, Jen and the technical support of Joey and Andrew.  But there were also others who helped with a variety of skills and talents, including, most definitely, my … Continue reading A great, big “THANK YOU!”

Twenty Years

Twenty years ago, I had just started performing improv.  Admittedly, it was pretty bad improv.  Bar-prov.  Improv in bars, is not the most artistically satisfying experience for a performer.  Performing improv in bars is like doing a cooking-demo in a strip club.  Nobody gets what you’re doing.  Nobody cares what you’re doing.  You’re just a … Continue reading Twenty Years

Over and Out

Whew! The short run of The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey has come to a close.  I am very grateful that it was a success!  I've said (typed) it before, and I'll say (type) it again....  A solo show can't be done alone.  It truly takes so many people supporting the performer to make … Continue reading Over and Out

Today is our anniversary.

He woo'd me with his knowledge, love, and skill of good theatre.  He wow'd me with so many possibilities and opportunities.  He made it easy for my family to visit.  He was--and continues to be--supportive of my creative whims. I'm not saying it's always been easy.  He didn't really understand my vegetarian diet at first.  … Continue reading Today is our anniversary.


My head, my heart, and my soul are all still swimming from it all. About a year ago, I created some short, cute scenes involving dating and break-ups with a sock monkey playing the other character.  They were entertaining and well-received.  An audience member came up to me after one of my performances and asked … Continue reading Success!