The Fillet of Solo Festival is happening now!

Chicago's solo performance festival is happening right now and it's kind of a big deal.  Lots of amazing performers are on the two-week long schedule and I am delighted to be performing two different times.  The annual festival is hosted by Lifeline Theatre and all of the wonderful details can be found by going to … Continue reading The Fillet of Solo Festival is happening now!

Encounters with Wildlife

Today, I ran into a squirrel.  I literally ran into a squirrel.  Now, I realize that the word "literally" doesn't carry any weight anymore, since it no longer means what it used to mean.  So I shall say it this way:  I actually, really, truly, and matter-of-fact-ly ran into a squirrel.  I was running along … Continue reading Encounters with Wildlife

The Great Pantsing Incident of 2012

While I was waiting for the results of my x-rays in the emergency room, my boyfriend looked at me and asked, “Was it worth it?” I succeeded in my goal.  I was victorious.  So, yes.  Yes, it was worth it. But before we get into the details of the Great Pantsing Incident of 2012, let's … Continue reading The Great Pantsing Incident of 2012

Other Times and Places

Right now I am in Chicago, sitting at home and thinking about stories.  Stories are like dreams.  They are intimate, revealing, and can transport us to other times and places. June 5, 2012.  I’m in Seattle on vacation, taking the bus to see a friend.  When I get on the #44 and ask for a … Continue reading Other Times and Places

The Ultimate Storytelling Event

I am incredibly honored and excited to be one of the storytellers in Chicago's 13th Annual SKALD Storytelling Competition hosted by the wonderful WNEP Theatre.  The first night is improvised storytelling, the second night, each storyteller gets seven minutes to spin their yarn.  I'll be there Saturday the 16th.  Will you?  Click here to get … Continue reading The Ultimate Storytelling Event

Storytelling Tonight!

Looking for something fun and free to do in Chicago tonight?  Why not come to a cool bar and listen to some wonderful folks tell some fantastic stories?!  Lifeline's Storytelling Project is happening at the Glenwood Bar in Rogers Park (right off the red-line at Morse) tonight!  Yours Truly will be telling a story.  Come … Continue reading Storytelling Tonight!