Letters to Myself

I'm a journal-er.  Yes, I'm a writer, so it would make sense that I journal.  But I really journal.  Lots.  And most of that never sees the light of day.  It's the writing I know I'm not gonna share with anyone else, and therefore, I can be free to write anything.  Anything.  (Sidenote:  When I … Continue reading Letters to Myself


  It happened!  I'm feeling better!  Wooty-woot-woot!  It's funny, how when you're feeling better, you just KNOW it.  But when you're not feeling better, you don't even remember what feeling-better feels like.   Yesterday Me:  Am I feeling better today? Me Again:  Maybe.  I think so. Me:  Yeah, me too.  I mean, it feels like … Continue reading Hallelujia!