More Improv Notes as Poetry

Sometimes, when I'm directing a show or teaching a class, the notes I write down as direction, thoughts, and feedback can sound like a poem.  Here's an amalgamation of my recent in-class/in-rehearsal musings that sound like a little poem to me.   Embrace reality open up create the boat Speak up we had chances to … Continue reading More Improv Notes as Poetry

art it out

The only way to get something out of your head is to art it out draw out the image paint out the dream write out the story poem out the feelings then you can go on about your day when a creative force strikes, it’s not always something pretty and fun sometimes it is the … Continue reading art it out

Living in the South

Best things about living in the south: fried okra the weather the wonderful people I've met (they don't necessarily come after okra and weather, but I just had more okra today, and it's really on my mind) fried lots of things, actually sweet tea the weather: it's worth mentioning again, as it is the middle … Continue reading Living in the South

The Ones to Watch

I don't care to hear about the people who want to escape this world the ones who follow their fear living in their imagined future dystopia I want to hear about the people who are willing to work for a better world who haven't given up on this one Those are the people to watch … Continue reading The Ones to Watch

Living in Chicago

Sometimes means that you will occasionally attend a street festival by accident in the summer Sometimes means you’ll find yourself squished into the corner of the train car between an oblivious guy with a backpack and a chuckling gentleman who rolls his eyes Sometimes means you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves … Continue reading Living in Chicago