Life is an Adventure

Time doesn't always feel linear.  Sometimes I feel like I meet and float in between different ages of myself.  Some days, I feel more like the younger me.  Some days, I definitely feel like the older me.  I s'pose what's really happening is there are times when I feel more like how I defined myself [...]


The next performance of 185 Buddhas is on March 21

185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar Written and performed by Amanda Rountree, directed by Jen Ellison Studio Be 3110 N. Sheffield Ave. $12 in advance, $15 at the door Buy Tickets! Thursdays in March at 8pm 185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar The art of improvisation creates stories from thin air, making the unseen seen. [...]

Ed Smaron opens for 185 Buddhas this week!

Each of the next six performances of 185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar... has a different opening act.  I am very excited to announce that the very multi-talented Ed Smaron will be opening for me this Thursday!  Ed will be strumming his guitar and singing some of his original songs.  Don't miss it! Ed Smaron [...]

Chicago run of “185 Buddhas” coming in just a fortnight!

Yep, I used the word, "fortnight" in a sentence.  It's making a comeback, y'all (if I have anything to do with it). No matter how you say it, it's pretty exciting that 185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar is coming up in just two weeks!  Another exciting thing is how many awesome opening acts I'm [...]