From the Homesick Files…

And then comes the day after all of the holiday hubbub when you're at the gym trying to work out, and that Tony Bennett song comes on and you remember walking on State Street, that great street. And you close your eyes, but you're not in Chicago, you're in Cumming, Georgia. And the suburbanites at … Continue reading From the Homesick Files…

This post has one title; I have two.

Every artist is familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of being too far away from creative projects for too long; I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t find something soon enough down south. But, boy, I sure did arrive in Atlanta at the right time. Right about the time we moved down here, I met … Continue reading This post has one title; I have two.

Big Life Changes are Always Hard

As a writer (and a performer of those stories), my writings are often well thought-out. But with all of the feelings I’ve had lately, instead of thinking-out the thoughts, I’m just going to put-out the thoughts.Big life changes are always hard. A lot of times, they’re rewarding too. But man, they sure can be difficult. … Continue reading Big Life Changes are Always Hard

needing and wanting

What I need to do right now figure out how much alcohol we need to order for the wedding reception research moving companies and compare the quotes I've gotten research photo booth companies pack more boxes figure out the garbage/recycling companies in our new neighborhood fill-out the change-of-address form something involving rehearsal dinner something involving … Continue reading needing and wanting

When are you performing next?

I've gotten this question a lot lately. Typically, if I go for a long time without performing, I get all antsy.  It can happen in as few as 15 performance-less days in a row.  But oddly and interestingly, I haven't gotten too awfully antsy lately.  This is definitely because a lot of my energy has … Continue reading When are you performing next?


hooooooooooooo boy Moving sucks. Everybody agrees.  Not that I need to be validated by other people's opinions (butitsureisnice). BUT I DIGRESS This post was intended to be half-full, not half-empty. 1/2 full <begin> My new home is wonderful!  I am right by the lake, near a park by the lake, not a warehouse by the … Continue reading lake-citement