The Joys of Self-Promotion

Getting people to come out and see a one-woman show can be difficult.  Here are some guidelines. 1.  Have a really good show. 2.  Beg friends, family, colleagues, and anyone in your circle to pretty please come see it. 3.  Get listed on all of the websites involving things to do. 4.  Hand out lots … Continue reading The Joys of Self-Promotion

Two More Chicago Monkey Appearances!

Last night's show was great!  The folks at Stage 773 are delightful, Kelsie Huff's opening act was stellar, and the audience was terrific.  It's always fun to hear people's take on the show after seeing it.  It's admittedly not your run-of-the-mill solo show.  Because there are three sock-monkeys whose dialogue the audience "fills in" in … Continue reading Two More Chicago Monkey Appearances!

In Search Of: Something Else Entirely

One of the most entertaining places on my website (for me anyway) is the little area where only I can go.  It's a whole page that lists how many "hits" my site has had, what pages folks were looking at, and notably, what search words they used to find it.  Typically, it's stuff like my … Continue reading In Search Of: Something Else Entirely