Living in the South

Best things about living in the south: fried okra the weather the wonderful people I've met (they don't necessarily come after okra and weather, but I just had more okra today, and it's really on my mind) fried lots of things, actually sweet tea the weather: it's worth mentioning again, as it is the middle … Continue reading Living in the South

needing and wanting

What I need to do right now figure out how much alcohol we need to order for the wedding reception research moving companies and compare the quotes I've gotten research photo booth companies pack more boxes figure out the garbage/recycling companies in our new neighborhood fill-out the change-of-address form something involving rehearsal dinner something involving … Continue reading needing and wanting

Living in Chicago

Sometimes means that you will occasionally attend a street festival by accident in the summer Sometimes means you’ll find yourself squished into the corner of the train car between an oblivious guy with a backpack and a chuckling gentleman who rolls his eyes Sometimes means you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves … Continue reading Living in Chicago


squishy can be good or bad depending on the context context is too hard a word when expounding around squishiness my softest apologies but squishy is mushy in all the right places muddy puddles, poofy coifs, messy sweaters, comfy cushions: all good squishy moldy flowers, soggy documents, month-old mushrooms, sweaty handshakes: all bad squishy expected … Continue reading squishy

2013: The Year of Great Legwear

It has only been 2013 for about sixteen hours or so, but I can tell it's gonna be a good year..... I've already worn five different pairs of pants. going-to-a-party-with-lovely-people jeans big ol' comfy I-need-to-eat-food-after-whisky jeans sleepy, fuzzy kermit pants post-pasta workout sweats lounging-on-the-couch owl pj's Clearly, we're off to a productive start. This is … Continue reading 2013: The Year of Great Legwear

Things I Have Learned (or Been Reminded of) This Week

That place on W2 forms where you list exemptions is important.  I need to change mine. Uncle Sam is getting a lot of money from me this month. Sometimes when you sit down to write about something, you write about something else entirely. I forgot how much I love Sherman Alexie's writing.  I need to … Continue reading Things I Have Learned (or Been Reminded of) This Week