Letters to Myself

I'm a journal-er.  Yes, I'm a writer, so it would make sense that I journal.  But I really journal.  Lots.  And most of that never sees the light of day.  It's the writing I know I'm not gonna share with anyone else, and therefore, I can be free to write anything.  Anything.  (Sidenote:  When I [...]


An Open Letter to My Single Friends

Dear Lovely Single Pals, I apologize if I've been annoying at all lately.  I haven't been myself.  Well, I've been myself.  But not the myself that I'm--or you--are used to.  I've been the "dating someone....oh, now I'm in a relationship all of a sudden" version of myself.  And I'm not used to this version.  I'd [...]

An Open Letter to the Idiot Who Wrote the Article, “Five Feminist Demands She Wants You to Ignore”

To Whom It May Concern: Ah, the internet…where just anyone can post their thoughts—whether they be mindful or misdirected—and have the whole world bear witness.  I read this article recently.  My first thought was to simply ignore the drivel—it was posted on Fox News, after all.  It’s obviously a sensationalist piece.  After reading it, it [...]