Countdown to a Website Makeover

They say that the whole "right-brained" and "left-brained" talk is a myth.  Our brain hemispheres aren't a pair of quarreling twins--one who did the sensible thing by going to business school and the other, a dream-follower who dropped out of college to cover canvases in paint and notebooks in poetry.  Humans seem to love to … Continue reading Countdown to a Website Makeover

Advice for the Internet Age

Be sure to not misspell your username when you are creating it. Don't make your password so difficult that you can't remember it. And most importantly, if you do not have an actual pet, do not choose the "What is the name of your pet?" security question.  Because you will most likely not remember which … Continue reading Advice for the Internet Age

If you don’t read this, you won’t know what it says.

Something happened to the internet while we were all looking.  It has become increasingly desperate, and continues moving in that direction. No matter where you look on the internet, you see things that basically are saying, “Click here!” “Read this!” or “Watch me!”  Of course, we are typically clicking on something else, reading some other … Continue reading If you don’t read this, you won’t know what it says.

In Search Of: Something Else Entirely

One of the most entertaining places on my website (for me anyway) is the little area where only I can go.  It's a whole page that lists how many "hits" my site has had, what pages folks were looking at, and notably, what search words they used to find it.  Typically, it's stuff like my … Continue reading In Search Of: Something Else Entirely