Then, there are those dreams when you see your sister and she's still alive and you sit across the table from her and you want to explain to her that the reason you're wearing her earrings is because it was a way to have her with you. But here she is— she's across the table … Continue reading Earrings

Other Times and Places

Right now I am in Chicago, sitting at home and thinking about stories.  Stories are like dreams.  They are intimate, revealing, and can transport us to other times and places. June 5, 2012.  I’m in Seattle on vacation, taking the bus to see a friend.  When I get on the #44 and ask for a … Continue reading Other Times and Places

I wonder if they ever found out the answer….

Ah, I love lookin' at the search word terms for my site.  Apparently, just recently, someone clicked on my site 'cause they searched the following: "monkey in dream is good or bad" In case they click over here again, I'll venture to help them. Well, Dear Reader, I'd say that depends.  Are you a performer … Continue reading I wonder if they ever found out the answer….

What is my brain trying to tell me?

My dreams are usually pretty vivid.  For a long time, I kept a dream journal.  But I just lost the discipline after awhile.  (And some of my entries were so illegible, I couldn't even make out what happened.)  I don't write down my dreams nearly as often as I used to--but every once in a … Continue reading What is my brain trying to tell me?