Shakespeare, Unscripted opens this Saturday!

I got a hold of some of the most delightful improvisers in the Atlanta area and then I made them hang out with me for two months straight--watching, reading, playing, and studying Shakespeare.  These people are smart, funny, and good.  And so is this show. Shakespeare, Unscripted is a fully improvised play in the style [...]


This post has one title; I have two.

Every artist is familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of being too far away from creative projects for too long; I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t find something soon enough down south. But, boy, I sure did arrive in Atlanta at the right time. Right about the time we moved down here, I met [...]

Trust that we can just be birds.

Today I was paging through my notes from directing and coaching improvisational theatre.  Here are some phrases that stood out to me.  Perhaps one could apply them to more than improv.... Stay Connected Be Affected trust that we can just be birds Be either off or on--not in between. Be REAL. If it doesn't matter [...]