Judgement in Every Drop

So, anyone who's been reading my recent posts on this site knows that I've been sick this week.  Really sick.  I thought that I've had a really bad cold, but now that I'm starting to finally feel better, I'm ready to admit that I most likely had the flu.  Ugh.  It knocked me out.  I've [...]



  It happened!  I'm feeling better!  Wooty-woot-woot!  It's funny, how when you're feeling better, you just KNOW it.  But when you're not feeling better, you don't even remember what feeling-better feels like.   Yesterday Me:  Am I feeling better today? Me Again:  Maybe.  I think so. Me:  Yeah, me too.  I mean, it feels like [...]

Five Really Great Things About Being Sick

Whew, that sick-haze around my noggin' is startin' to finally dissipate.  Hence, my optimism is thankfully returning.  But I digress.  I promised a list, and here 'tis: 1)  breakfast in bed (and lunch.......and dinner) 2)  the welcome realization that you cannot smell when you haven't taken the garbage out in days 3)  unabashed usage of [...]

This post is gonna sound whiney, even if I try not to sound whiney….

Ugh.  Being sick sucks.  I am typically an optimist.  But when I get sick, that half-full crap goes right out the window.  It's like I feel like I'll feel this way forever.  I'm hopeless.  It's awfully sad.  It's also short-sighted, stupid, ignorant, and (not to mention) shamelessly selfish.  I'd like to think that maybe the [...]