The Rain Here

It rained here the other day with such big, round drops, that a person could walk five paces in between getting wet. But that was just one rain. The big-drop rain doesn’t seem to be the dependable personality of the rain here. The one constant I’ve seen so far is its ability to both approach … Continue reading The Rain Here

Burma in the Fall

I dreamt of Burma in the fall It sounds like a poem But it's not not yet It was beautiful though....sort of like Tennessee or Wisconsin in the Fall but way more exotic. Upon waking, I was glad that my subconscious did not call it Myanmar but wondered Can sleeping thoughts help the progress of … Continue reading Burma in the Fall


Oh, my goddess!  Look, everyone!  IT'S SPRING OUTSIDE!  Right now!  Right now, spring is happening!  Just yesterday, I was walking outside past a tree--you know, those big stick-things protruding from the ground with smaller sticks branching out from them to hold snow.  Well, guess what!!  Guess what I saw on the sticks!!  I saw SOME … Continue reading SPRING!

Life is Living You

Life isn't about the moments you plan to be perfect. It's about all the other ones--the quiet ones, the screaming ones, the surprising ones.  The ones that either rip your heart out or fill you with so much love you feel divine. Life is the ultimate improvisation.  Make your partners look good.  Look 'em in … Continue reading Life is Living You

moutain mirages

there are some days looking out across the lake when I see mountains that aren't there clouds and sunlight and shadows and memories collaborate making mountain mirages after the joy of Oh my gosh!  Mountains! comes the disappointment of Oh.  They're not real. but they are still beautiful which is still joyful and what's disappointing … Continue reading moutain mirages