Chicago and Me

Seven years ago, I moved to Chicago from Seattle.  I landed in a whirlwind of auditions and new opportunities and took on all sorts of fun and wonderful projects.  One of these projects was a ridiculous show called "Impress These Apes," which, if you're in Chicago and haven't heard of it, you should totally check … Continue reading Chicago and Me

Improvised Shakespeare

Thanks to Vaudezilla, one of my improvised soliloquies was recorded.  This performance was here in Chicago with Beast Women at the Prop Theatre.  Beast Women's Fall Series runs until 11/22.  I'm performing on closing night.

“Your attention please…”

I am very happy to announce that I'm presenting my brand new solo piece THIS Saturday (April 19th) in the Beast Women Cabaret. Yes, it's about Chicago. Yes, it's about me. (But don't worry, audience members--you won't have to get on stage with me this time). I'm really excited about performing this piece. I hope … Continue reading “Your attention please…”