185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar is a quiet, intimate show. The laughs are plentiful…”  –Chicago Stage Review, October 2013

“Never before have I found such beauty in experiencing a heart break and mend onstage.” -Audery’s Spectacle, March 2013

“Amanda Rountree is a riot…” -Chicago Reader, February 2013

“Amanda Rountree is radiantly endearing…”  –Chicago Theatre Blog, January 2010

“There were several standouts, one of which was Amanda Rountree…Ms. Rountree’s comedic talents blossomed…she conveyed the charm of film icon Mary Pickford.” Broadway World Chicago, January 2010

“Rountree’s…quirky approach has considerable charm and appeal.”  –Chicago Tribune, October 2009

“…the comic bits, especially a strung-out courtship between Andrew Jordan and Amanda Rountree played out almost entirely without dialogue, are the highlights…” –New City Stage, January 2010

“Rountree is amusingly unafraid…”  –Chicago Tribune, October 2009

“Amanda’s energetic and light performance style is the real anchor of the show…her sense of comedic timing is in full display.”  –An Angry White Guy in Chicago, October 2009

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